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I'm Rick, owner and full time locksmith serving Wolverhampton. I've been working as a local locksmith for around ten years and am known locally as the go to guy for all lock work and uPVC door repairs in the local area.

I am a genuine local locksmith firm, not one of those call centres that advertise in Wolverhampton and pretend to be local. This is a bona fide home grown locksmith firm based in Wolverhampton, reliable, friendly and trustworthy.


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Lock Snapping Problem

The lock snapping is a technique that has been used by trading locksmiths for years. Unfortunately this information made it into the public domain as social media and video sharing websites grew in popularity. It seems not much is a trade secret nowadays and inevitably, when this kind of information fell into the wrong hands we had a big problem. The lock snapping burglary problem has reached epidemic proportions with cars and valuables stolen on an hourly basis across the country. A vulnerable door can be opened in under sixty seconds with little to no noise whatsoever. Scary stuff.

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Anti-Snap Locks

The solution to this problem arrived shortly after the problem developed and manufacturers began to design locks to withstand this attack. The latest anti snap lock designs are truly incredible at resisting a destructive opening. The problem is that there are millions of older vulnerable doors in use in every town and they stick out like a sore thumb to any criminal that knows their stuff and usually the owners are completely oblivious until they or an acquaintance is burgled via lock snapping.

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High Security Locks

To adhere to latest security standards I offer a range off anti snap solutions for upvc doors from budget anti snap locks that will 'do the job', ts007 2 star handle upgrades and the all singing and dancing high security cylinders that will give an accomplished locksmith the runaround. In my opinion, if you have anything worth stealing, whether it be a performance vehicle, valuables or luxury items then it's essential that your doors are upgraded to anti snap locks. A lot of insurance companies are now specifying the upgrade in their policies so it's worth keeping your security up to date.