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I'm Rick, owner and full time locksmith serving Wolverhampton. I've been working as a local locksmith for around ten years and am known locally as the go to guy for all lock work and uPVC door repairs in the local area.

I am a genuine local locksmith firm, not one of those call centres that advertise in Wolverhampton and pretend to be local. This is a bona fide home grown locksmith firm based in Wolverhampton, reliable, friendly and trustworthy.


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Replacement Hinges

Upvc door hinges come in array of shapes, sizes and colours so it's often difficult to just nip to B&Q for the correct parts. I keep a good range of stock so that I can repair most modern upvc door hinges within a single visit. Older and obsolete hinges can usually be sourced within a few days. Anything unusual or ones that can't be replaced like for like can be swapped out for a modern alternative. Most modern hinges are fully adjustable and will help rectify other issues with doors such as fouling edges and dragging underneath.

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repairing door hinges
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Dropped doors

Particularly high use doors, outwards opening upvc doors and those with large glass panels are prone to alignment issues. This can be down to the wind blowing them past their limit on the hinges, weathering or the weak plastic relaxing under the weight of the heavy glass. A lot of this can be adjusted out providing the hinges allow. If not, more modern fully adjustable hinges can be installed to better cope with the issues.

Security Products

Domestic & Commercial

commercial door hinges

Commercial door hinges

Whilst at this time I only cater for domestic hinge repairs on upvc door and patios I can always point you in the right direction of other firms that specialise in commercial door hinges for aluminium and toughened glass doors.