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I'm Rick, owner and full time locksmith serving Wolverhampton. I've been working as a local locksmith for around ten years and am known locally as the go to guy for all lock work and uPVC door repairs in the local area.

I am a genuine local locksmith firm, not one of those call centres that advertise in Wolverhampton and pretend to be local. This is a bona fide home grown locksmith firm based in Wolverhampton, reliable, friendly and trustworthy.


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Home Safe Opening

The most common scenario I encounter with home safes is flat batteries. Often the override key has been lost and the owner has been relying on the digital lock to open the safe. If the batteries aren't maintained regularly though they will lost the power to unlock the bolt inside the safe and preventing opening. It's usually a quick fix for the majority of safes as we carry specialist tools to pick open the override lock that is usually hidden under a panel in the front of the safe. If you are locked out of your home safe and are local to the Wolverhampton / Walsall areas just give me a call. I mainly deal with domestic safes but can recommend specialists for commercial and high security setups.

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Repairs To Safes

A decent safe can incorporate many complex mechanisms to ensure that they meet the required standards. With general wear and tear some of these parts will need servicing occasionally to prevent failure. It's best to get issues sorted as soon as they're identified as the longer it's left the higher the chance the safe will fail locking the user out. It might be worth noting that a faulty safe opening is considerably more difficult and time consuming than a bit of maintenance or a repair. As they say 'A stitch in time saves nine'. Don't leave it til it's too late.

Home Safe Opening

Domestic & Commercial

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Commercial Safe Opening

Although I tend to steer clear of the commercial and high end safe work I can recommend dedicated safe specialists that are happy to travel to your location and solve your issue. Proper safe specialists are hard to find and I will always endeavour to point you in the direction of someone that knows their stuff and has the proper equipment to do the job. This goes for all high grade safes and vaults including banking and deposit safes.